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As biotechnology is a fast growing and developing market in a challenging and continuously changing environment, it is advantageous to get support from someone who is already acquainted with the dynamics of this business sector.  Of course a brilliant product or idea can be the start of an exciting journey but in order to achieve long term success , it also requires know how and funding. By offering these requirements, Lifescience Investments & Solutions is able to strengthen your products and your company!

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Our aim is to assist you on your way to gain a foodhold in Lifescience as well as to ensure your long term benefits
2 pillars support: know how and capital.
We support our clients stage-by-stage, starting from product development, manufacturing process and ending up with market access and commercialization.
Lifescience Investments & Solution’s mission is to transform your company to a competitive and strong market player in the biotechnology business.

As lifescience is a highly dynamic business, don’t be part of the status quo, be part of the change!


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  1. Business process optimization
  2. Product management and portfolio adjustment
  3. Market entry and penetration
  4. De-risking strategy development and implementation
  5. Supply chain optimization
  1. Start up financing
  2. Project funding
  3. Co- financing of product developments or manufacturing plants
  4. Finance Takeovers
  5. Search of partners and vendees

Complete and individual solutions based on your needs…unique insight for better outcome.

About us

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We consider ourselves a full service provider in the Biotech/ Life Science business sector. In order to realise your ideas we provide assistance in form of  know how and funding.

Monika Rosenauer is the founder and CEO of the company. She possesses many years of experience in the bioprocess area and has worked for the biggest global players in this market.

She has a deep market knowledge and is an expert for global sourcing, supply chain management, change management and organizational development as well as  in product and innovation management.

In other words,  she is a specialist in translation of know how into everyday practice in order to strengthen your global performance.